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Welcome to Regnas

There is an adventure waiting for you on the continent of Magna. Explore the lands to discover secrets, uncover the truth about your origins, and save the planet.

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Located on the southern edge of the Asteria Plains, Asterliese is a major city representing the Magna continent. Originally a fishing town, it has developed into a trading city that connects various parts of the world by land and sea. In this town, where many people come and go, a Development Bureau has been established to serve as a base for adventurers.

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Asteria Plains

Asteria Plains is grassy area that juts out to the southwest of the Magna Continent. To the south is Asterliese, one of the leading trading cities in Regnas.

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Bahamar Highlands

The Bahamar Highlands, separated from the Asteria Plains by sheer cliffs, is home to the Pillar of Divinity, which is revered as a sacred site. It is dotted with sharp rocks and cliffs and home to settlements as well as various wildlife.

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Montegnor Valley

Montegnor Valley is located in the eastern part of the Bahamar Highlands, where the trade route between Asterliese and Salamzahd runs. It was once a prosperous mining area, but is now mostly abandoned.

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Erstgreen Sands

What was once a vast, green land gradually turned to the desert known as Erstgreen Sands. Ruins, said to be the remains of agricultural plants from ancient times, dot the landscape.

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Originally a small village centered around an oasis surrounded by cliffs, this city developed as a midway point on trade routes. Residents flocked to the area for its proximity to other regions, it’s a popular transit point for nomads.

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