Meanwhile in Japan, Episode 1

General • June 2, 2023
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Stay up-to-date on the development of Blue Protocol with our Meanwhile in Japan series. On our road to launch (and beyond), we will highlight key developments in Japan to keep our audience in the loop. Last week, Bandai Namco Online hosted a livestream with details on balance changes, post-launch support, the Japanese release date, and timing of the Western release. Let’s discuss the main takeaways.

Japanese Release & Post-Launch Support

We are excited for Bandai Namco Online & Bandai Namco Studios to release Blue Protocol on PC in Japan on June 14! Japanese players can pre-register now for additional in-game rewards, and can look forward to post-launch support communicated in the livestream; an update cycle centered on a major Story Update every 4 months, with regular updates monthly.

Western Release

To bring players the best game possible at launch, our planned release window is moving to 2024 on PC, Xbox X|S, and PlayStation 5. Bandai Namco conducted a playtest after our announcement at The Game Awards, to take the time to address player feedback and ensure we capture these changes for the Western launch.

Game Updates

Player feedback will continue to help inform design decisions for Blue Protocol. Adjustments that Bandai Namco makes to the Japanese version will be reflected in the Western version at launch to help us deliver the best possible experience. Based on feedback from the Network Test that took place in Japan in March, players can expect the changes below.

General Updates
  • HP Regeneration - HP will now slowly regenerate in the field. Players can sit in the field (using the sit emote) or at a campsite to increase the rate.

  • Adventure Board - Most Adventure Board tasks can be done in any order and are not locked behind prerequisites allowing players to have more freedom. The UI has also been improved for viewing tasks in progress.

Class Changes

All classes have had minor adjustments to increase their versatility in combat. Here are some of the specifics:

  • Twin Striker - Shortened ability cooldowns.

  • Spell Weaver - The EP (points required to cast magic) requirement for abilities has been reduced. Combining this change with the automatic EP regeneration ability can allow the Spell Weaver to cast spells continuously.

  • Blade Warden - Added a provoke effect to skills that makes enemies attack/focus on the Blade Warden more, pulling their attention away from other characters.

Stay Informed

You won’t have to wait until 2024 to get your hands on Blue Protocol and try out these adjustments. Our PC Closed Beta test will take place later this year. Interested in signing up? Visit our Closed Beta sign-up page. Catch the next Blue Protocol live stream the week before Japan’s launch for more information on the update roadmap, events and campaigns, and shop items. Stay up-to-date on Blue Protocol news here, at, along with our social channels: